Question: Where should a wall heater be installed?

Heaters are best placed under windows. If you do not have the space for panel heaters, you can also choose wall strip panel heaters, which are lower and longer variants. By placing heaters under the windows, you heat up cold air descending from the window glass, and avoid cold draughts along the floor.

Where should a room heater be installed in a room?

Room heaters are placed at the floor of the room so that the air heated by it rises up and sets up the convection current in the room quickly and uniformly.

How close can a wall heater be to a wall?

As a general recommendation, your heater should be 30 inches away from furnace room walls on all sides. This allows our service experts to comfortably replace it. You also need to check the space has enough airflow and ventilation, especially if you have an aging furnace with a metal flue.

Can I install a wall heater behind a door?

Youll not be able to have it installed behind a door or anywhere else where it can be blocked, as this is a fire hazard. They will then find a stud in the wall and mark an outline of the wall heater along the edge of it.

Why heater are placed at the bottom of room?

The heater is placed near the floor because the air currents move upwards so the hot air fills up the whole room. If it is placed near the floor then it will fill just the bottom of the room with cool air.

Why is it more effective for heater to be placed at the bottom?

WHY IS IT MORE EFFECTIVE FOR HEATERS TO BE PLACED AT THE BOTTOM OF A ROOM AND COOLERS TO BE PLACED AT THE TOP OF A ROOM. This is because hot air is lighter than the cool air. HEATERS TO BE PLACED AT THE BOTTOM OF A ROOM, This is because after heating the hot air moves upward.

How much clearance does a wall heater need?

As a rule of thumb you should allow for 3-feet of clearance in front of the heater and 6 inches to either side and above the heater. Specific requirements may vary from product to product.

How much clearance is needed for a wall heater?

No matter what height you install a heater, you must follow the manufacturers clearance requirements. Most baseboard heaters need at least 12 inches between the heater unit and any combustible material, such as drapes or furniture.

How many amps does a wall heater use?

A standard draw for residential coil heaters is 1,500 watts. Divide the power specified on the label by its operating voltage to obtain the maximum current draw. If you can plug the heater into a regular wall outlet, the specified voltage should be 120 volts. Thus, the current draw for a 1,500-watt heater is 12.5 amps.

Why do heaters work best when placed near the floor?

The cold air comes down to get heat from heater and warm air (convection currents) lifts up in the room . If heater is placed at a height , then cold air below this height will not be heated by heater therefore it is installed near he floor of room.

Why are room heaters kept at ground level 7?

ANSWER : Its advisable to place room heaters at the ground level for effective heating because as we know warm air being lighter than cold air rises up in the room and displaces the cold air. Consequently the cold air comes down the room, gets heated and again rises up.

Why are heaters kept near the floor of the room?

The heater is placed near the floor because the air currents move upwards so the hot air fills up the whole room. If it is placed near the floor then it will fill just the bottom of the room with cool air.

Can you put furniture in front of a wall heater?

You can place a couch or chair in front of a heater, but it must be at least a foot away. Placing furniture closer than that creates a potential fire hazard, and it can greatly diminish the heaters performance by restricting airflow to and from the heater.

Can gas wall heaters catch fire?

Some heaters like the space heaters and gas heaters should never be left overnight. One reason is they can cause a fire. According to research by the national fire protection association, heating equipment is the second leading cause of fires.

How safe are gas wall heaters?

Gas heaters need to be professionally installed and serviced by a trained and qualified gasfitter. An unsafe heater can cause a house fire or pollute your home with dangerous fumes including carbon monoxide. Have your gas heater serviced at least every 2 years by a qualified gasfitter, to help keep your family safe.

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