Question: Where is the best place to watch people in Las Vegas?

Mon Ami Gabi on the Strip has arguably the best people-watching views in Las Vegas with its sidewalk patio and location right across from the Fountains at Bellagio.

Where is the best view of Las Vegas?

10 Best Spots in Vegas for Scenic ViewsEiffel Tower Viewing Deck. Stratosphere. High Roller. Helicopter Tour. The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. SCENIC NATURE VIEWS SURROUNDING LAS VEGAS. Red Rock Canyon. Mount Charleston.More items •18 Sep 2018

What is people watching in Vegas?

The Top 6 Spots for People Watching in Las VegasThe Casino Floor at Caesars Palace. Calico Hills at Red Rock Canyon. Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, Bellagio. High Roller, The LINQ. Pedestrian Bridge in Front of Gucci, Crystals at CityCenter. SMASHbar, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.23 Jan 2019

Where do Kardashians stay in Vegas?

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian spent this past weekend at The Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas. They arrived at the funky, art-inspired boutique hotel, on Saturday night and kicked off Scotts birthday celebrating by having dinner at the Hotels restaurant, Mood.

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