Question: Does Taehyung want to date a foreigner?

Is it possible to date Kim Taehyung?

This is not the first time V has been romantically linked to someone. “While its true that Taehyung and a mysterious girl are just fan and stars relationship, as far as we know they were never dating,” the reps stated.

Is BTS V secretly dating?

Currently, V officially is single — at least, thats what Vs managers have indicated in the past. Fans also thought V might be secretly hiding a girlfriend due to the fact that he had been wearing a ring that could have been given to him by Hi.

Can BTS marry a foreigner?

The members of BTS They cannot marry a foreigner because they must comply with family traditions, the main one being to keep the family name in all their ancestry; that is, the eldest and first-born son must marry a South Korean woman, although this is not mandatory.

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