Question: What happened to Directdoggo?

For a long period of time, he has disappeared on the internet, deleting all of his profiles, including the GameJolts pages of the DSaF games (these being reposted by other people).

What happened to Dayshift at Freddys?

The game was originally only released for Microsoft Windows and once had an unsupported HTML version intented for Mac and Linux users, but later it was removed from Game Jolt as Direct Doggo made ports for the aforementioned SO. The author then confirmed he is not going to make any kind of Android or another HTML port.

Who created DSaF?

Dayshift at Freddys (often abreviated as DSaF 1) was the first game of the DSaF series, made by DirectDoggo using RPG Maker MV. It was renamed for Dayshift at Freddys: Remastered after a major graphic update. DSaF is a satirical play novel to the Five Nights at Freddys franchise and the fanbase for it.

Where does DSaF take place?

The first one is located in Bakersfield, which if you recall is where DSAF 2 took place. Here, you have a chance to find Withered Freddy (in the room behind the stage), Toy Freddy (in the ballpit), Balloon Boy (outside the safe room), or the Spring Freddy Costume (in the safe room).

How do you get the neutral ending in DSaF 3?

How to get this ending is pretty easy. All you need to do is buy a party room and music man, then threaten his nest. Doing so will piss him off so much that he will kill you.

What is FNAF DSaF?

If you dont know what DSAF is- It stands for Day Shift at Freddys. OH YES. ITS A FNAF FAN GAME.

How do you get the radical ending in DSaF 2?

To get this ending, follow the An Ending/Radical Ending. When Dave tells you to punch in the numbers on the phone, pick the incorrect numbers. After exactly three tries, Dave will get angry, giving you the Eggplant Ending, which shows a newspaper article that says that he shoved a whole eggplant up Old Sports uretha.

What ending does DSaF 3 Continue from?

The Foul Ending is an ending in DSAF 3. To achieve this ending, Jack must worship the idol known as Godred. To do this, Jack needs to put his restaurant name as bear., and buy Godred as his primary mascot. Jack will have to put him on the stage and ask Phone Guy for a goat.

Does Dave like Jack DSaF?

Its also very obvious that Dave has some sort of obsession over Jack, as in the employee logs in DSaF 2, it states to keep Dave as far away from him as possible.

Does Dave love old sport?

Its implied that Dave may suffer from Obsessive Love Disorder towards Old Sport. Dave is also sexually attracted to furrys/robot considering the many allusions to him yiffing Foxy. When Old Sport serves cakes disguised as Cool Cat, Dave will sometimes appears shouting Lets Tickle the bear scrotum.

How do you get the DSAF ending in pure evil?

To get this, start from the Gnarly Ending, kill the kids, The ending shows every image from Radical ending except it has Old sport looking more, evil and Dave being scared, it also ends with Dave saying Youre scaring me, Old Sport.

How do you get the gnarly ending in DSAF?

To get this ending its really simple, Do a flip at the end of the game and you get the Springlocks ending. Or do it in the saferoom at the end of the game while the police caught you.

How do I get the happiest day ending?

Happiest Day Ending To get this ending, you must refuse Daves murder offer, work on making the spirits of the dead kids happy, and re-activate then play the Happiest Day arcade game in the arcade room (using a wrench that costs 150 tokens).

Why does Dave Call Jack old sport?

His habits to call people Old Sport is referencing Jim Gatsby from the book The Great Gatsby.

Is Mary Schmidt Michael Aftons girlfriend?

While not confirmed, judging by surname, she may be the wife of Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddys. If its true then they both worked as security guards, Mary in 1987 and Michael Afton/Mike in 1993.

Does Dave like Jack DSAF?

Its also very obvious that Dave has some sort of obsession over Jack, as in the employee logs in DSaF 2, it states to keep Dave as far away from him as possible.

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