Question: Is it rude to ask a man how many people he has dated?

Is it OK to ask how many partners?

Asking your partner about their sex number should be fun pillow talk, not a chance for you to judge them. Theres nothing wrong with asking your partner about their body count, but its also worth examining why you want to know.

Is it rude to ask someone how many people theyve slept with?

“If you ask your partner how many people theyve slept with and they tell you, try not to judge them,” advises Saddington. “You wanted to know after all. “If theyd rather not tell you, its fine to ask why this is, but dont push them into it and respect their privacy if they say theyd rather not.

Is it weird to ask about someones past relationships?

It is OK to ask what went wrong in the prior relationship, and also share what went wrong with your exes. If [you are going] to compare yourself, dont ask, Carla Romo, a dating and relationship coach, tells Bustle. If [you want] to learn about your partner and grow closer, then it would be appropriate.

Is it rude to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend?

Coming right out and asking Do you have a girlfriend may be seen by some as rude and can leave you in an awkward position. Minimize this awkwardness by steering your conversation to a point where his relationship status naturally comes up.

Do you have to tell your partner your body count?

No matter how gently or how politely or innocently he asks, you should never tell, says Tracey Cox. Tracey is a popular English author and columnist who specializes on dating, sex and relationships. The relationship expert believes that downplaying the figure your body count when asked does not make sense.

Do you talk about past relationships on first date?

In several countries around the world, bringing up an ex on a first date is considered to be a bad idea. However, according to psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne from the University of Massachusetts, avoiding the topic of previous relationships can back you into a corner, especially if it comes up at a later date.

How do you ask a guy if he is still with his girlfriend?

A slick way that you can bring up the option of if he has a girlfriend will be to ask the simple question of how long was your last relationship. By asking him this question you will get the answer of how long his last relationship is or how long his current relationship is at this time.

What does body count mean for a guy?

Body count is the number of people you have had sex with, but often people dont include encounters sans penetrative sex in this census. So, body count has gross associations with death and also can exclude queer people.

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