Question: What is go sporty?

Whatever an active lifestyle means to you, GoSporty is the worlds largest dating site that centers around a sporty, healthy and positive way of life. On GoSporty youre more likely to fall in love with someone more exciting than a lazy couch-potato.

Is GoSporty free?

Like many other matchmaking sites, you really cant do much on Go Sporty without upgrading to a Pro membership. The free membership will only allow you to send high fives or virtual love along with search through profiles. Purchasing a membership will allow you to read, receive and send email to other members.

Does Go Sporty have an app?

Sporty Go! Connect is able to connect the standalone watch app Sporty Go! with the companion app Sporty Go! on Android. It can also emit the live data to other devices using Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Low Energy.

How do I cancel my Gosporty subscription?

Navigate to Your Account page at Click Cancel Subscription under Subscription.

How much is subscription to The Athletic?

The Athletic. Get every sports story that matters. $5.99/mo billed annually after trial ends. Cancel anytime.

Is The Athletic worth subscribing to?

If youre a serious sports fan, then the Athletic subscription is definitely worth it. Youll find that theres a bunch of great content thats exclusive from the best writers.

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