Question: Did Robert Pattinson hate playing Edward?

He starred as the handsome teenage vampire Edward Cullen in the megahit Twilight franchise of five movies. While his fans could not get enough of him, Pattinson never shied away from expressing his dislike for his fandom and even the movies themselves.

Why did Pattinson play Edward?

Robert Pattinson reflects on being in the Twilight movies Of course, there were certainly some upsides to playing Edward Cullen. Perhaps the biggest of which was financial. This gave him some financial freedom in terms of what he did with his career once his role in the Twilight movies was complete.

Did Twilight cast get along?

Everything went very well.” Even after Summit released a statement, some fans were not entirely convinced that the cast didnt have a fight. However, Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer was on set the day of the alleged fight and she also denied that there was any tension between the cast.

Why are Bella and Edward so awkward?

Edward appears so awkward during his first real encounter with Bella because hes barely breathing and because the movie left out a subtle interaction between the two. When Edward finally introduces himself to Bella in class its one of the cringiest interactions of the entire film. In the film, they dont touch.

Was Edward a virgin before Bella?

In the first book in the series it states Bella is a virgin, but Edward said he has never found a vampire or human hes been with before Bella. meaning that they are both virgins.

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