Question: Which is an idiom that dates back to an earlier time?

What is the meaning of date back to?

: to have been made in or to have come into being in (a certain time in the past) They found jewelry dating back to the 1700s.

What is the idioms of out of date?

(idiomatic) Too old to be used; not current; invalid; outmoded. My bus pass is out of date — Ill have to go buy a new one. I cant eat this salad, its out of date. (idiomatic) Not conforming to the current fashion or style; old-fashioned.

What does early date mean?

soon; some day soon. The note said, Please call me at an early date. You are expected to return the form to the office at an early date. See also: date, early.

Whats the opposite of out of date?

The logical opposite of out of date is up to date, however, the possible phrases for what you are looking for (phrase that do not include current) is pre-dated, ahead of ones/its time.

What does goes without saying mean?

said to mean that something is so obvious that it does not need to be said or explained. And of course it goes without saying that if theres anything you should need while youre out here, please dont hesitate to call me here at the embassy.

What is the earliest date?

Earliest means the first of any given range of dates (or period) or series. In other words, it is the date which occurred first. It is superlative of early. Hence, here the earliest date is January 31, 1917.

What is the difference between earliest date and latest date?

As adjectives the difference between earliest and latest is that earliest is (early) while latest is (late).

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