Question: How do I call Turkey without calling?

How do you call in a gobbler?

Make a loud, short burst of crow or owl calls, and then listen for gobbles. If you get no response, walk 100 yards and repeat until hearing a gobble. Call again until pinpointing where theyre roosted. When returning the next morning before dawn, set up within 200 yards of the roosting tree.

How do you get a turkey to come to you?

Hunt The EveningStart Early. You wouldnt get to your morning spot late. Give them Room. Dont hunt directly under roost trees. Build a Hide. Get set for a long wait. Pipe Down. Hens and gobblers alike often arent much interested in breeding—or talking about it—late in the day. Run an Interception.24 Apr 2017

Can you call a turkey across a creek?

Calling a Gobbler across Water: Turkeys generally dont like to fly-across water to meet a hen, but if theres a turkey gobbling on the other side of a creek that you cant swim or refuse to wade, there are two techniques you can try. * Start calling aggressively with cuts, cackles and excited yelping.

What is the best turkey gobble call?

A fly-down cackle is good call to tell a gobbler that a hen is on the ground. However, a fly-down cackle often works best if the gobbler is already on the ground before you call. Otherwise, the tom may stay on the roost; waiting for what he thinks is a hen turkey to come to him before he flies down.

How far away can a turkey hear a call?

Turkeys can come to a call from a long ways off and not respond to a call from less than 100 yards away.

How often should you call for turkeys?

Call every few minutes, and act like a disinterested hen going about her daily routine. Moving also helps in such situations, because turkeys rarely sit and yelp in one place for long.

When should I start my turkey call?

As a rule turkeys gobble best on clear, calm, high-pressure mornings in the spring. Stand on a ridge or bluff at dawn and youre apt to hear birds gobbling a mile or more away in all directions. Not only can you hear well on a nice day, your calls also ring true and carry far. Any mouth or friction call works well.

Do turkeys like creeks?

Turkeys use creek bottoms as corridors to get to and from preferred feeding and roosting areas. The bigger the scratchings, the bigger the turkeys. Gobblers also love to scratch near the base of bigger trees as well. Gobblers will also leave sign along sandy roads leading to and from fields and food plots.

What time of day are turkeys most active?

morning General Weather Conditions: As a general rule of thumb, turkeys are most active during calm, clear days in morning and early afternoon hours. Turkey activity generally decreases with bad weather conditions including wind and rain. During extremely wet and rainy days, turkeys are neither vocal nor very active.

Should I gobble at a turkey?

Most turkey calls are designed to produce a variety of hen sounds. These calls are used especially during spring when lovesick toms are actively seeking hens to breed. Try a new approach and use a gobble call and you might just find yourself having even more success than before.

How early do you start calling turkeys?

When To Call A Gobbler In my view, the best times of the day are right off the roost, then again from about 8:30 to 9:30 when more hens start to leave the gobbler to go lay an egg, and again from about 11 until noon.

Why do turkeys gobble one day and not the next?

Some days, turkeys gobble from dawn to dark. Other days, they dont gobble at all. Why? The easy explanation is that theyre unpredictable.

What time of day do turkeys gobble most?

A lot of turkeys, especially old Easterns, will gobble only once or twice in the afternoon, but theyll come to your calls fast and silently. Afternoon hunting generally peaks from around 2 to 4:30 p.m., but you might as well hunt right up until dark some days.

What is the best time of day for turkey hunting?

first thing in the morning Time of Day: Since Turkeys make their nest in trees and on the ground in wooded areas, one of the best times of day to hunt is first thing in the morning. Get out to your blind early and listen for the yelps, cackles, and gobbles of turkeys as they start in search for breakfast.

Where do turkeys go after fly down?

The next morning the turkeys will stay in the trees longer than normal. When they fly down, toms often linger beneath the conifers to strut or feed where the ground is bare. Try tracking turkeys in snow.

Do turkeys always roost near water?

Turkeys also prefer roosting very close to water or directly above it if possible. They also like to roost in trees that are on the edges of cliffs if given the chance, and would love it if those trees were also close to a strutting field.

Why do turkeys gobble back at you?

Are they talking to each other or sending out warnings, or what? Answer: Only male turkeys, or toms, can gobble, and they mostly do it in the spring and fall. It is a mating call and attracts the hens. Wild turkeys gobble at loud sounds and when they settle in for the night.

What causes turkeys to not gobble?

The average barometric pressure affected gobbling activity, as well. Lower pressure, often associated with rain, meant less gobbling. Birds were most active at 29.9 to 30.2 inches, and when the pressure fell below 29.7 inches, gobbling activity decreased dramatically.

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