Question: Where can I find Ghanaian women for marriage?

Can you get married online in Ghana?

Applications to get a marriage certificate can be made either in-person or online. Application for a marriage certificate for an ordinance marriage can only be done in person; whereas, an application for a marriage certificate for a customary or an Islamic marriage can be done either in-person or online.

What age can a girl marry in Ghana?

18 According to the Ghanaian constitution of 1992, any person under the age of 18 is a child and can therefore not marry or be married off. This is underscored by the 1998 Childrens Act, which sets the legal age of marriage at 18 for both boys and girls [15].

What are the types of marriage in Ghana?

There are three types of valid marriage recognized by the Ghanaian law: (1) Customary marriage, (2) marriage under the Marriage Ordinance and (3) Islamic marriage under the Marriage of Mohammedans Ordinance. What is a customary marriage? Customary marriage is the most common form of marriage in Ghana.

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