Question: Why are cufflinks important?

Cufflinks call more attention than buttons because they are often considered accessories, though every gentleman knows they are much more than that. They can be used to add style to an outfit or bridge the gap between casual and formal. With a nice pair of cufflinks on your wrist, your outfit will come together nicely.

Why you should wear cufflinks?

A good pair of cufflinks is the perfect way to add a bit of suave and charm to your outfit. Theyre not only an aesthetic addition to your outfit but also serve a useful purpose. One might say that cufflinks are like sophisticated buttons to hold your shirt cuffs together.

Cufflinks are accessories that have more power than you may first think. Rather than an afterthought, think of your cufflinks as an essential and valuable styling opportunity. Cufflinks are both functional and decorative, allowing you to be pragmatic and expressive with one simple detail.

Using a backstitch, sew around the edges of the lines. It should be almost a rectangular shape so that you can create 3 more button holes. Leave 1/6th inch in between two rows of stitching. Then, cut through the middle of each buttonhole to create an opening.

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