Question: How can I read New Scientist online?

Access all online content of Only subscribers can access the entire content of This includes the online archive of over 80,000 articles, free of charge. Registered users can access only a small selection of articles from the magazine.

What is New Scientist website?

New Scientist is the worlds most popular weekly science and technology publication. Our website, app and print editions cover international news from a scientific standpoint, and ask the big-picture questions about life, the universe and what it means to be human.

Who owns the New Scientist?

In April 2017 New Scientist changed hands when RELX Group, formerly known as Reed Elsevier, sold the magazine to Kingston Acquisitions, a group set up by Sir Bernard Gray, Louise Rogers and Matthew OSullivan to acquire New Scientist.

Who writes New Scientist?

New ScientistNew Scientist cover, issue 3197, dated 29 September 2018FrequencyWeeklyTotal circulation (2016 H2)124,623FounderTom Margerison, Max Raison, Nicholas HarrisonFirst issue22 November 19568 more rows

Is New Scientist peer reviewed?

New Scientist has a very large readership, and its reports are often quoted in the mainstream press as if they carried the same authority as a peer-reviewed journal.

Who publishes the New Scientist?

Daily Mail and General Trust New ScientistNew Scientist cover, issue 3197, dated 29 September 2018FounderTom Margerison, Max Raison, Nicholas HarrisonFirst issue22 November 1956CompanyDaily Mail and General TrustCountryUnited Kingdom8 more rows

Who reads the scientist?

It is read by leading researchers in industry and academia who value penetrating analyses and broad perspectives on life-science topics both within and beyond their areas of expertise.

Who is the best scientist in the world alive?

The 10 greatest living scientists in the world todayTimothy Berners-Lee.Stephen Hawking (UPDATE: Hawking died on March 14, 2018)Jane Goodall.Alan Guth.Ashoke Sen.James Watson.Tu Youyou.Noam Chomsky.More items •Nov 26, 2017

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