Question: What are some of the best personal ads in South Africa?

What is the most effective medium of advertising in South Africa?

This fact was proven by Nielsens Media ROI Benchmarks report for South Africa, which showed that digital advertising spend gives companies the best return on investment. Digital advertising easily outperforms TV, print, radio, and out-of-home advertising.

How do I advertise on OLX in South Africa?

On the siteClick on the Sell button with the camera icon in the top right corner on the site.Write a catchy title for your ad.Choose category and subcategory.Include some details of the your item - remember to complete the mandatory options marked with a *Add a detailed description of the item youre selling.More items

Can I advertise on Nextdoor for free?

Small, local businesses can advertise for free by claiming their Nextdoor business page and creating business posts. These businesses also have the option to use Local Deals to help meet business goals. Local Deals may cost as little as $3.00; the average cost of a Local Deal is around $75.00.

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