Question: Does Plenty of Fish have live chat?

Plenty of Fish partnered up with livestreaming solution provider The Meet Group to implement its new feature called LIVE! Users can broadcast a video stream to an audience or break off to have one-on-one chats with other users on the platform.

How do you live chat on Plenty of Fish?

To start an audio or video chat all you need to do is click the chat link underneath a members thumbnail photo. Once your request to chat is accepted you can then click on the audio or video button found at the top of the chat window. To find out more about this dating site you can read our review.

What is live talk on POF?

Similar to speed dating, NextDate allows streamers 90 seconds to live video chat with potential matches, and the ability to move the conversation to one-on-one video, further enabling singles to continue dating while social distancing.

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