Question: What do you say to someone with PTSD in the military?

What do you say to someone with combat PTSD?

Give easy answers or blithely tell your loved one everything is going to be okay. Stop your loved one from talking about their feelings or fears. Offer unsolicited advice or tell your loved one what they “should” do. Blame all of your relationship or family problems on your loved ones PTSD.

How is PTSD treated in the military?

Since at least 2010, DoD and VA have recommended trauma-based therapies for treating PTSD such as CPT, PE or eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, EMDR, as the standard of treatment over other interventions such as group therapy, family therapy, hypnosis and relaxation.

How do you comfort someone with a PTSD flashback?

Tips on helping someone who is experiencing a flashbacktry to stay calm.gently tell them that they are having a flashback.avoid making any sudden movements.encourage them to breathe slowly and deeply.encourage them to describe their surroundings.

How can PTSD affect others?

PTSD can affect a persons ability to work, perform day-to-day activities or relate to their family and friends. A person with PTSD can often seem disinterested or distant as they try not to think or feel in order to block out painful memories.

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