Question: What should you avoid in Aruba?

Are there dangerous animals in Aruba?

Common names: Aruba rattlesnake, Aruba island rattlesnake, Cascabel (Papiamento). Crotalus unicolor is a venomous pitviper species found only on the Caribbean island of Aruba, off the coast of Venezuela. It is sometimes still classified as a subspecies of Crotalus durissus.

Are there any crocodiles in Aruba?

In Aruba, laze on some of the Caribbeans best beaches or interact with the locals while they play dominos. We dont have crocodiles or alligators in the Caribbean. Arubas average high temperature during the day reaches the 80s most months of the year and often into the 90s during the summer.

Are there Box jellyfish in Aruba?

Jellyfish are not protected by any laws. They are currently present in our territorial waters and can be found very close to the shores. The situation is nothing out of the ordinary; an abundance of jellyfish.

Is the US dollar strong in Aruba?

Arubas currency is the florin, but the US dollar is also widely accepted. Banks also exchange other foreign currency such as Euros. Travelers checks are widely accepted and there is normally no charge for using them in hotels, restaurants and stores.

Are casinos open in Aruba coronavirus?

Face coverings indoors / outdoors at the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino is recommended and not obligatory. All other COVID-19 service protocols at our restaurants and bars remain in place. Occupancy limits and seating capacities reductions in our restaurants in compliance with local and state mandates.

Do you have to wear a mask on the beach in Aruba?

Arubas beaches are plentiful, so explore and find a “socially-distanced” spot comfortable for you! While masks are not required outside of the airport, visitors are strongly encouraged to wear a mask anywhere social distancing proves difficult. For more details on the government of Arubas mask protocols, click here.

Are there monkeys in Aruba?

Welcome to Aruba. A tiny 19.6-mile long and six-mile wide island off the coast of Venezuela. Its home to camels, monkeys, emus and the occasional anaconda.

What sharks are in Aruba?

The seas around Aruba are home to some iconic shark species such as reef sharks, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks. The Caribbean Sea offers them a bountiful habitat full of nursery areas and food sources.

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