Question: Who is Amanda du Pont husband?

Who is Amanda du Pont father?

Henry du Pont Amanda Du-Pont/Fathers

Is Pretty Seakamela married?

Skeem Saams Pretty is a married woman. Meet her hubby Its wedding bells for Skeem Saam actress Lerato Marabe who plays Pretty Seakamela on the soapie – younger sister to Clement Maosas Zamokuhle Seakamela and Innocent Sadikis Sthoko.

Is pretty married in real life?

Skeem Saam actress, Lerato Marabe is now off the market. Lerato Marabe, who is well known for her role as Pretty Seakamela on Skeem Saam, reportedly tied the knot in a traditional ceremony over the weekend.

Who is kwaitos real father?

Fans are already running wild with theories that John Maputla is Kwaitos real father. Clement Maosa, the actor who plays Kwaito once revealed that its a joy to play the character of Kwaito, saying he has learnt some major lessons from him. Time to buckle ourselves for the emotional ride in the Seakamela family.

Who is Leetos girlfriend?

Two of everything for Kwaito Kwaito has two girlfriends Lizzy (Amanda Manku) and Glenda (Nozi Langa).

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