Question: What is the next step after a sleep study?

As soon as your study is completed you should schedule a follow-up visit with the doctor who referred you for your study or the sleep specialist who interpreted your study. This is usually the doctor associated with the clinic where your study was performed.

What do you do after a sleep study?

After polysomnography in a sleep center, the sensors are removed and you may leave the sleep center. Youre given an appointment for a follow-up visit with the doctor who recommended the test. You can return to your usual activities after polysomnography.

What happens after home sleep study?

After the test, your results will be reviewed by a sleep technologist and sent to your physician. If symptoms persist, your physician might recommend an in-lab study. Home tests can sometimes be inaccurate: For instance, your sensors might fall off during the night. At a lab, a physician is on-site to monitor you.

How long does it take to get results from a sleep study?

How are sleep study test results scored? Members of the sleep team will review and evaluate the information gathered during the sleep study. It may take up to two weeks to properly evaluate your sleep study.

What happens after your diagnosed with sleep apnea?

If your diagnosis has you feeling worried, consider the alternative: If you have sleep apnea and havent been diagnosed, youre at risk for a number of larger health issues, from depression and type 2 diabetes to cardiovascular issues like heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

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