Question: What are the best lonely places in Chennai with a girl friend?

Where can I spend a day in Chennai?

10 Interesting Places to Visit in Chennai in 1 DaySri Parthasarathy Temple. #1 of 10 Best Places to Visit in Chennai in 1 Day. Government Museum. #2 of 10 Best Places to Visit in Chennai in 1 Day. Valluvar Kottam. Santhome Cathedral Basilica. Kapaleeshwarar Temple. Marina Beach. Semmozhi Poonga. T.More items

Is VGP open tomorrow?

The park is open from 11:00 AM in the morning till 7:30 PM in the evening.

Which is the coolest place in Chennai?

Places to Visit in Chennai:Marina BeachValluvar KottamThousand Lights MosqueElliots BeachDakshinachitraAshtalakshmi TempleGovernment MuseumMylaporeGuindy National ParkSri Parthasarathy Temple3 more rows

Which area in Chennai has good ground water?

North Chennai rests on sedimentary rock, with sandstone and sand or shale forming the layers beneath the topsoil, making it conducive for good groundwater yield. The hydrogeology of this area is impacted by the flow of the three lifelines of the city — Adyar, Cooum and Kosasthalaiyar rivers.

Which is best residential area in Chennai?

Here are our top five neighbourhoods to live in Chennai.Teynampet. Teynampet is one of the busiest commercial areas in Chennai and derives its name from the vast swathes of coconut groves that used to exist here. Adyar. Tambaram. Nungambakkam. Anna Nagar.Aug 24, 2017

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