Question: What can couples do in Bangalore?

Where can I go with my boyfriend in Bangalore?

10 Romantic Places in Bangalore to Visit with Your Loved OneLumbini Gardens. Lumbini Gardens is an eco-friendly boating park that boasts of a stunning artificial beach and a lot of rides. Bangalore Palace. Sakleshpur. Ulsoor Lake. Ramanagara. Nandi Hills. Grover Vineyard. Coorg.More items •Feb 5, 2021

What can people do for fun in Bangalore?

14 Things to Do in Bangalore for YoungstersTaking a Vineyard Tour. Vineyard Tour | #1 of 14 Things to Do in Bangalore for Youngsters. Microlight Flying. Paintballing. Go-karting. Visiting an Amusement Park. Exploring Snow City. Partying Hard at Nightclubs and Pubs. Exploring the Shopping Malls.More items •Jan 28, 2021

Where can I go on a date in Bangalore?

Things to Do in Bangalore for CouplesWatch Sunrise at Nandi Hills. Take a Wine Tour. Fly with Your Partner. Gaze at the Stars at Nehru Planetarium. Take a Stroll through Lal Bagh. Go Birdwatching at Hebbal Lake. Be one with Nature at Cubbon Park. Take a Morning Walk or Do Boating at Ulsoor Lake.More items •Mar 1, 2021

What is Bangalore famous for?

Bangalore is widely regarded as the Silicon Valley of India (or IT capital of India) because of its role as the nations leading information technology (IT) exporter. Indian technological organisations are headquartered in the city.

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