Question: How do you date with incontinence?

How does incontinence affect you emotionally?

The psychological impact of incontinence cannot be ignored If incontinence is not managed well, the person with incontinence may experience feelings of rejection, social isolation, dependency, loss of control and may also develop problems with their body image.

How can incontinence make you feel?

problems with passing urine, such as a slow stream of urine, straining to pass urine, or stopping and starting as you pass urine. problems after youve passed urine, such as feeling that youve not completely emptied your bladder or passing a few drops of urine after you think youve finished.

How does incontinence affect quality of life?

The researchers generally believe that incontinence is associated with a series of physical and behavioral factors and can cause extensive social and emotional problems. Women with stress and urge incontinence also have lower quality of life, less marital and sexual satisfaction than the normal group.

How do I talk to my doctor about incontinence?

When it comes to incontinence or bladder leakage here are some recommendations:Talk to your doctor about when your symptoms started and how long you have been experiencing them. Let your doctor know how the problem is affecting you and your life. Be clear and truthful about your lifestyle and behavioral patterns.More items

Can drinking too much water cause incontinence?

Excessive fluid intake can also put strain on the heart because of the increased blood volume being pumped around the body. Too much fluid can also cause peripheral oedema and worsen incontinence issues, Dr Tucker said.

What can be affected by incontinence?

Complications of chronic urinary incontinence include:Skin problems. Rashes, skin infections and sores can develop from constantly wet skin.Urinary tract infections. Incontinence increases your risk of repeated urinary tract infections.Impacts on your personal life.Mar 9, 2021

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