Question: Where do Kurds come from originally?

Where do they come from? The Kurds are one of the indigenous peoples of the Mesopotamian plains and the highlands in what are now south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Syria, northern Iraq, north-western Iran and south-western Armenia.

Who did the Kurds descended from?

Origin legends One details the Kurds as being the descendants of King Solomons angelic servants (Djinn). These were sent to Europe to bring him five-hundred beautiful maidens, for the kings harem. However, when these had done so and returned to Israel the king had already died.

Was Kurdistan ever a country?

Presently, Iraqi Kurdistan first gained autonomous status in a 1970 agreement with the Iraqi government, and its status was re-confirmed as the autonomous Kurdistan Region within the federal Iraqi republic in 2005. There is also a Kurdistan Province in Iran, but it is not self-ruled.

Are Kurds descendants of Sumerians?

Kurds could be the descendents of Sumerians as both languages (Kurdish & Sumerian) are ergatives. In middle East today , there are four dominant languages : Arabic , Persian , Turkish and Kurdish. The only language in middle East which is ergative is Kurdish and of course Sumerian which is extinct language now.

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