Question: What is Spencewuah boyfriend?

Who was Spencewuah boyfriend?

Luis Bergin is Spencewuahs boyfriend, or shall we say, ex-boyfriend. In the early days of December, Spencewuah revealed on Twitter, “I finally have a boyfriend.” This rose curiosity among his followers and fans. However, Spencer kept his boyfriends name and identity a secret until after Christmas 2020.

Did Spencewuah and his boyfriend breakup?

In December 2020, fans were excited to find out that Spencer had begun dating Luis Bergin – however, in March, it became apparent that the pair had broken up. Since then, Spencer has poured his heart out to his followers and explained that Luis had actually been unfaithful.

What is the TikTok room Instagram?

First, it was on tabloids, then it was on blogs, now it has migrated to social media. From the Diet Prada to DeuxMoi, Instagram is the place to be if you want to know what famous folks are up to. Enter: TikTok Room, an Instagram account that follows the chaotic lives of TikToks most popular influencers.

Is Spencewuah a boy?

He was born in the United States and his real name is Spencer Hunt. He has dated Luis Bergin.

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