Question: What is a squeeze webpage?

A squeeze page is a landing page that is specifically designed to collect email addresses from visitors and potential customers. Squeeze pages are designed to use incentives, scarcity and other psychological tactics in order to “squeeze” a visitor into providing their email.

How do I put a squeeze page on my website?

How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts Like MagicBuild an Irresistible Offer. Craft a Killer Headline. Write a Compelling Supporting Headline. Choose the Right Imagery or Video. Include the Best Social Proof. Create the Perfect Call to Action. Build an Awesome Squeeze Page in OptinMonster.Jan 11, 2019

What does a squeeze page look like?

A squeeze page should act as an ultimatum for visitors – either take the offer or leave the page. It should be black and white (not literally though – color is actually pretty important!). In the same vein, content should be kept to a minimum on a squeeze page (at least above the fold – well get into that in a bit).

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