Question: Do you have to be Christian for eHarmony?

No, eharmony Isnt Technically a Religious Dating Site Options include Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, spiritual but not religious, neither religious or spiritual, or no preference.

Can atheists use eharmony?

The site does not let you choose agnostic or atheist, instead forcing you to select Neither Religious nor Spiritual.

Is eharmony good for Christian dating?

eHarmony is the online dating site responsible for more marriages than any other dating website or app. This is one of the best Christian dating apps because it asks you very specific questions about faith, ethics, and values that allow them to match you with Christians who share the same qualities as you.

Which is better Christian Mingle or eharmony?

eHarmony is more feature rich than Christian Mingle. This is great for people who are good with technology, but might not be ideal if you want a simpler process. eHarmony does not allow you to view user photos with a trial account, but Christian Mingle will allow you to view “public” member photos.

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