Question: How do you say hook-up in slang?

Is hook up a slang word?

to engage in (usually non-committal) sexual activity, though typically not coitus. Usually implies more than kissing or making out. Making out + touching breasts would qualify as hooking up. They hooked up last night after the party.

What qualifies as a one night stand?

English Language Learners Definition of one-night stand : a situation in which you have sex with someone once and you do not continue in a relationship afterwards also : one of the people involved in this situation. : a performance of a play, concert, etc., that is given only once in a particular place.

What do you text after a one-night stand?

You were so impressive last night. Ill give you a standing ovation if you do it again. Not only does this tell your one-night stand just how great of a time you had, but it also gives them a flirtatious promise, which could give them yet another reason to want to do it again. We should do that again.

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