Question: Do firefighters have time for family?

Some firefighters may have little opportunity to spend quality time with their family and friends, limiting their opportunities to gain social support. Therefore, it may be fitting for the families and friends of firefighters to take part in this process by making provision for relaxation to happen.

How does being a firefighter affect family?

They often have household problems such as arranging childcare. If they serve different days to have at least one parent at home, this means they never get to see each other during their days off. They may also hesitate to respond to the same calls for fear of injury or death of both parents at the same time.

Do firefighters get family time?

The traditional firefighter shifts of two days, two nights and four days off can mean that you can plan things with family and friends to an extent, but on the flip-side, you might find yourself exhausted on your days off if youve had a particularly hard shift.

Is being a volunteer firefighter fun?

Being a Volunteer Firefighter is nothing short of amazing. Yes, you have days and calls that are less than exciting but the important calls more than make up for the simple calls you might run. The best part, since it isnt a job, you have a little more flexibility with the schedule and hours.

Do firemen sleep at the firehouse?

Fire Station Life A: Sort of. Firefighters often spend 24 hours at a time at the firehouse followed by 48 hours off duty. During this time they eat, sleep, shower, work and relax at the firehouse. So, they essentially live at the firehouse for approximately 1/3 of their career.

How often do on-call firefighters get called out?

An on-call firefighter could be called out two or three times a week, for a few hours at a time. The on-call hours are based around peoples availability and other commitments. One minute you could be sitting at home and the next minute you can be sitting on a fire engine.

Is it worth being a volunteer firefighter?

Is it Worth Being a Volunteer Firefighter? Most volunteer firefighters would agree that it is worth it and that they enjoy what they do. It isnt for everyone, but it can be very rewarding. It can also give you valuable experience that can help to become a paid firefighter, if that is your goal.

Do volunteer firefighters actually fight fires?

In emergency situations, volunteer firefighters should expect to extinguish and prevent fires as well as administer first aid [source: Grafton Volunteer Fire Department]. Duties also include rescuing victims from cars or buildings, carrying fire hoses up stairs or ladders, and breaking down doors.

Is it worth being an on-call firefighter?

On-call firefighters are a crucial and highly valued asset to local services and communities. How often would I be needed? The number of incidents that an on-call firefighters attends varies between community fire stations - you could be called out only two or three times a week for an hour at a time.

What do firemen do when there is no fire?

What Do Firefighters Do When Not Fighting Fires?Respond to Medical Emergencies. Respond to Other Calls. Equipment Checks and Inventory. Maintaining Vehicles/Apparatus. Testing and Maintaining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Maintaining the Fire Station “Housework” Report Writing. Training and Education.More items

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