Question: Is Facebook Dating available in Dubai?

Late last week, the worlds most popular social media platform officially announced the launch of Facebook Dating in 20 countries (not in the UAE, thankfully).

Is FB available in Dubai?

Does Facebook works in Dubai? - Quora. Yes, it works in Dubai. It is monitored for content and postings, however, most of the legal problems that have originated from Facebook postings usually result from someone “reporting” content, rather than it being randomly found by the Police.

Is Facebook calling banned in Dubai?

UAE banned making voice and video calls using apps like whats app, Skype, Facebook, Google Duo, IMO, messenger and Instagram in 2017. Since, UAE is home to a massive expatriate population who frequently call their families and friends back home, a free calling app is a blessing for them.

The most popular social media platform in the UAE is Facebook, with eight million users, while English is the preferred language for social media users in the country across all platforms, according to a report by Dubai-based data intelligence provider Crowd Analyzer.

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