Question: What are people like in Hangzhou?

What is living in Hangzhou like?

When living in Hangzhou you will most likely live in an apartment. There are some houses scattered around, but these are quickly being knocked down and replaced with high-rise apartment blocks. Land is extremely expensive in Chinese cities and prices are rising extremely fast.

How would you describe Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is a modern and prosperous city of China situated just a few kilometers away from Shanghai and is also a jewel of cultural heritages and natural beauty. Bathing in a monsoon subtropical climate, the city borders the Yangtze River to the south and is bounded by hills to its west.

What is the culture of Hangzhou?

Hangzhou has a brilliant and profound culture. Ever since the late Neolithic Period, the area has seen unique and colorful Liangzhu culture, Wuyue culture, Southern Song Culture and Ming-Qing culture, which formed a complete series of cultural development, making an important contribution to Chinas cultural history.

Why is Hangzhou important?

It became immensely wealthy, being at the centre of a fertile rice-growing area as well as being the site of the most important silk industries in China. It also was famous as a centre of culture, producing numerous writers, painters, and poets.

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