Question: What does it mean to be down for someone?

Im down for it is slang and mostly used by young people. It means you are okay with doing whatever is being presented. Do you want to go to a party? Yeah, Im down for it. Im up for it is not slang and means you are prepared or ready for a certain task or situation.

What is the meaning of down for you?

You: yeah Im down for you (meaning you agree also but sexually)

What does it mean to be down bad for someone?

Urban Dictionary defines down bad as the feeling of being so attracted to someone, . you almost feel depressed that you two arent together. But its mostly used to refer to basic feelings of longing, desperation, sadness, depression and loneliness.

Why do we say Im down?

Im down with it or more often Im down with that is confirmation, acceptance as in thats fine by me, or commitment. Its originally African American jazz slang from around 1935. It was popular during the 1990s especially in rap and hip hop, also in the 1970s, and in jazz from the 1930s to at least the 1960s.

What does 🧢 mean on TikTok?

🧢 means cap, a slang term for meaning something is not true/exaggerated.

Is bussin a bad word?

Bussin has been described as “what you would say if something was really good.” It is used in reference to food and cooking. One Twitter user described how the word had been co-opted into internet slang and was being inappropriately used. They wrote: “bussin is aave and it only applies to food! A FIT CANNOT BE BUSSIN.”

What does when Im down mean?

I am down can also mean that you are sad. When someone asks are you okay? You can respond with No, I am a little down meaning that you are a little sad or upset.

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