Question: What does it mean if a girl doesnt ask you questions?

Just because she didnt ask you doesnt mean she doesnt care, isnt interested, or an awful person. Many times women forgot to ask, is busy, and quite frankly — if theyre a popular lady with other messages going on, shes answering because she still has interest but will move onto the next.

Is it bad if a girl doesnt ask questions?

The reason that she doesnt ask you questions could be that she is not sure about you yet. This would be more likely if she isnt a girl that you have known for a long time. It would also be more likely that she wouldnt show many signs of attraction but she also wouldnt show many distancing behaviors either.

What questions should you never ask a girl?

35 Questions You Should Never Ask a GirlYou are being cranky; Are you on your period?Can you calm down a bit for a second?Are all your friends this pretty?Didnt your friend look extremely hot in that dress?Is your friend single?Can I have your friends number? How many layers of makeup have you put on?More items

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