Question: How do you know if your crush likes your best friend?

If your friend lightly touches your crushs arm, gently rubs your crushs hand, or puts their hand on your crushs back, they may be flirting. If this is the case, your friend may like your crush too. For instance, your friend may touch your crushs shoulder as they say goodbye.

What if your crush likes your best friend?

Heres What To Do When Your Crush Likes Your Best FriendAccept their feelings.Be honest with both of them.Set boundaries.Invest time in yourself.Surround yourself with your squad.Victoria Rodriguez is a fellow at Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!10 Jan 2018

How do you tell if my crush likes my friend?

Here are the behaviors the experts say are a dead giveaway.They Always Seem To Direct The Conversation Toward Your Friend. Giphy. Their Body Language Tilts Away From You. Giphy. They Find Excuses To Touch Your Friend. Giphy. They Ask You For Insider Info On Your Friend. They Start Acting Differently When Your Friend Is Around.27 Mar 2018

How do you tell your best friend you like her crush?

Tell her how youre feeling but dont just blurt out Im in love with X. I saw him first. Approach the matter with great tact and a whole lot of love. For example, let your friend know that you need to talk to her about something that is difficult for you. Ask for her understanding and a willingness to hear you out.

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