Question: Are Taylor guitars handmade?

All Taylor guitars are made in one of two factories; either the El Cajon factory in California, or the Tecate factory in Mexico. Anything thats a 200 series or lower (so thats the 100 series, GS Minis, Baby range and Academies) are made in the Mexican factory. The 300 range and upwards are all made in America.

Where are Taylor Guitars manufactured?

Taylor only manufactures guitars in El Cajon, California and Tecate, Mexico.

Does Taylor make good guitars?

Taylor makes some terrific guitars and should be on the shortlist for anyone looking for a guitar Taylor acoustic guitars are one of the most well-known acoustic guitar brands. Taylor is also an innovator in manufacturing processes and produces highly consistent guitars regardless of the materials used.

Who builds Taylor Guitars?

Within a few years, Taylor was making as many as 22 guitars a week, and selling them was touch and go, recalls Taylor CEO Kurt Listug, who co-founded Taylor with Bob Taylor and Steve Schemmer. Schemmer was bought out early into the partnership, and today, the company is solely owned by Taylor and Listug.

Is a Taylor guitar worth the money?

The best guitar brands – Taylor: Although guitars Taylor probably be the most expensive on average, they certainly produce exceptional sound. Its good selection of wood reflected in the quality of their sound. Models like the Baby Taylor Spruce BT1 or Taylor Baby Mahogany BT2 are popular examples for a good price.

Are Taylor guitars overpriced?

In my opinion Taylors are overpriced for what they are. They make nice guitars and have an incredible marketing strategy. They sell them for what people will pay for them. Gotta love that you never have to pay for a neck reset on one though.

Why do people not like Taylor guitars?

Taylor is hated by some purists who do not like the newfangled methods they use in the production of their guitars, especially the bolt on neck. The UV finish is also hotly debated. There are those that believe an acoustic guitar HAS to have a dovetail joint neck and laquer finish.

Are Taylor Guitars worth the money?

4. Theyre totally worth the extra investment. Although there are a few budget friendly options within the Taylor guitar range, we would definitely put Taylor in the “higher tier” bracket of guitars.

Why are Taylor Guitars so easy to play?

Low bridge and Elixers make em easy to play. Clearly a lot of people like a thinner less chunky, more modern neck profile too which makes or can make them seem easier to play. A properly built guitar though should, with a good set-up, be just as easy to play as a Taylor

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