Question: Is Manhattan Beach good for singles?

Sophistication with a beach bent sums up life in this exclusive coastal town that offers singles a cool alternative to Los Angeles. Hit the waves to find your sun bunny, or heat things up with a game of beach volleyball.

What celebrity lives in Manhattan Beach?

Manhattan Beach is a haven for the wealthy. More than a few A-listers have called it home at one point or another; some of the celebs whove owned property here include Vince Vaughn, Maria Sharapova and Michael Strahan.

Can you swim in Manhattan Beach?

Is it safe to swim in the water at Manhattan Beach? Generally the water quality at Manhattan Beach is very good. Many people avoid swimming at those times. You can check the water quality at LA County Public Health Beach Advisories.

Is Manhattan Beach safe at night?

Dont worry about safety! LA and the beach areas are safe, even at night. The only caution I would provide is to be careful in certain areas of Venice -- but if you stay where the businesses are, on Main Street and Abbot Kinney, youll be safe and there are no worries at all - not at all.

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