Question: Is Lysander in my candy love university?

Distance (mi away) Lysander is a student attending Sweet Amoris High School, and one of the dateable characters of My Candy Love. He is first introduced in the ending scene of episode 4 as a band member with Castiel, whom he is best friends with. Lysander lives with his brother, Leigh.

Where are the exams my candy love?

Find the room where the exams are held It is in hallway 2. If you have chosen the second choice of vengeance against Amber, you will see a little scene. Finally, you will have to take the exam!

How many episodes are in my candy love?

40 episodes Episodes. This season has a total of 40 episodes. In addition to the main plot, there are five special episodes, three spin-off episodes, and one episode that was available for a limited time.

Who stole the key candy love?

> Sherlock Hat: Correctly guessed that Amber was the thief. If someone stole it from me, I have no idea where it could be.

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