Question: What is an icebreaker request?

Icebreakers are one of several communication options available to members. If youre not quite ready to start a full blown conversation via a message, theyre a great way to break the ice. From within a Matchs Profile, just click on the send an icebreaker icon just above the Inbox tab. From the Messages tab.

What is an icebreaker request on Eharmony?

What is the Icebreaker? The Icebreaker allows you to discover the similarities with your match without having to think of a clever way to start a conversation.

What questions does Eharmony ask?

Now well get into some of the questions that are exclusive to eHarmony .eHarmony Example Questions (#1-14)Gender.Relationship status.How many children you have (if any)Where you live.Where you were born.Ethnicity.Religious beliefs or spirituality.Highest level of education.More items •14 May 2018

What does the thumbs up mean on eharmony?

And if something in their profile catches your attention, feel free to click the Thumbs Up icon and let them know. Remember, theres no urgency to review all your matches in one day. Take your time and even adjust your Match Preferences at the bottom of the Matches tab to expand or limit your matches.

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