Question: How do you know if your girlfriends best friend likes you?

How do I know if my girlfriend likes her best friend?

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Wants to Date Your FriendHes the only friend of yours that she likes. She always wants to tag along with you and your guys when she knows hell be there. She dresses up when she knows hell be around. She always compliments him. She has a pet name for him. She adds him on every social network.More items •24 Mar 2013

How do you know if a female friend likes you?

34 Signs She Likes You More Than A FriendShe flirts with you. She starts taking an interest in your life. She finds opportunities to touch you. She mirrors your body postures. She communicates her feelings through body language. She smiles more when you are around. She doesnt like to see you with other women.More items •8 Jun 2021

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