Question: What is a certified millionaire on MillionaireMatch?

For a Certified Millionaire, he / she must show the proof of annual income of over US $200,000, a bank statement with a balance of over US $1 million and other affluent singles. Millionaire Match has earned a positive reputation as “highlights the millionaires in its listings” from WSJ.

What is a certified millionaire?

And for those men or women who want to meet a millionaire, members can get a “certified millionaire.” How does one become a certified millionaire? Shuster: You can become a “Diamond Member,” which shows you have $1 million in assets or a large income, a minimum of $200,000 a year.

Is MillionaireMatch com legit?

Millionaire Match is a safe, credible, verified, useful website for middle-aged, attractive, and successful people. If you find yourself falling under this category of people, this website is, without any doubt, a must for you to try. Of course, there are some negative features, like with all other dating sites.

How do you get verified on MillionaireMatch?

Members can earn a verified badge for the photos they upload on their profiles. This can be done by uploading a readable ID. Having a verified photo puts your profile above others in search results. Members can also earn a Certified Millionaire badge on their profiles.

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