Question: Are there tall men who are into tall women dating?

Is it easy for tall guys to get girls?

It turns out that size does matter. Indeed, a new study published in the British journal Nature has finally made it official: Tall guys get the girls. A group of Polish and British researchers has found that tall men are more sexually attractive and have more children than shorter men.

Is it weird to have a tall girlfriend?

Height doesnt have to be a deciding factor in a relationship. There are plenty of ways to show that youre strong, kind, considerate, and chivalrous. If you make her feel safe, respected, and desired, you shouldnt have a problem dating a girl whos taller than you.

Does height affect dating?

According to Bennett, a womans height wont have much of an impact on the amount of matches she gets, as straight men frequently dont see height as a major factor. The exceptions, however, are shorter guys who dont want to date women significantly taller than them.

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