Question: Where can I find pen pals online?

Is there a website for penpals?

Penpals Now is another awesome free site. This site allows you to post your information so that others can find you. If you dont want to post your information publicly, you can choose to search through their engine for someone who matches what you are looking for.

Is there an app for pen pals?

Here are our top pen pal app picks for 2020 to rekindle the classic romantic letter-writing.#1 Hello Talk. #2 Bottled. #3 Tandem. #4 Airtripp. #5 Slowly. #6 Speaky.May 1, 2020

Is slowly safe app?

Yes. SLOWLY - Connect to the World! is very safe to use.

How can I be a good penpal?

Tips for being a great Pen PalAlways be yourself. Theres no point in trying to be someone youre not; youll not get anything out of the relationship if it is based on lies, much like any relationship. Encourage conversation. Set boundaries. Set expectations. Be patient.Feb 9, 2017

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