Question: Is Belgium expat friendly?

High living standards and excellent public facilities are two of the things that have made Belgium a popular destination for expats. It also has many top attractions, a friendly and diverse culture, and is the home of multiple European Union (EU) institutions.

Can foreigners live in Belgium?

To come to Belgium as a foreigner you must be able to present certain identity and residence documents. Otherwise, you will be unable to gain access to Belgian territory. For EU citizens, the identity card or a passport is generally sufficient. Foreigners with another nationality may need a visa.

Is moving to Belgium easy?

Paperwork mountains, unfriendly locals (in the touristy areas) and horrendous taxes. Moving to Belgium isnt easy and living in Brussels is especially tough for newcomers. Here are a few tips which hopefully will make your transition smoother than mine.

Can expats work in Belgium?

Requirements to work in Belgium All EU/EEA (European Economic Area – EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) and Swiss nationals can work freely in Belgium without the need for a work permit, although if youre planning to stay longer than three months youll need a registration certificate.

What jobs are needed in Belgium?

Belgium has a huge demand for highly skilled workers in diverse sectors .Some of the skills shortage jobs in Belgium include:Engineers.Project managers.Technicians.Architects.Accountants.Nurses and midwives.IT staff like computer system designers and analysts.Technical and commercial sales representatives.More items •30 Apr 2018

Are houses expensive in Belgium?

In 2020, the Belgian median price for attached or semi-attached houses amounted to €216,500 (+0.7% compared to 2019), and €315,000 (+5%) for detached homes. The price increase was most marked for flats, where the median price rose by 7.4%.

What is good salary in Belgium?

Average salary in Belgium According to data from the Average Salary Survey website, the average gross salary in Belgium is €61,357 a year. This is €37,923 after taxes. High paying jobs include the following: Company director: €129,150.

What is the most common job in Belgium?

Next come public administration, education and business services, making up 19%. Therefore, the most common occupations in Belgium are office workers in both the public and private sectors (general duties); shop assistants; home help; maintenance staff in offices, hotels and other businesses; and teachers.

How is Flanders so rich?

From WW II, Flanders became economically more important, due to its harbors (notably Bruges and Antwerp), its entrepreneurship, its education system and its workers ethos.

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