Question: Is Worthing expensive to live?

4. Living costs are cheaper. Worthing has a cost of living much lower than Brighton, taking into account food, rent, entertainment, fuel, and groceries.

Who lives Worthing?

Tony Caunter, who played Roy Evans in EastEnders grew up in Worthing and went to Worthing High School. Egerton Cecil, cricketer, was born in Worthing in 1853. Conor Chaplin, footballer, was born in the town in 1997. Gwendoline Christie, actress, was born in Worthing in 1978.

Did Billy Idol live in Worthing?

Billy Idol Perhaps one of the biggest rockstars on this list, William Michael Albert Broad - known professionally as Billy Idol - grew up in Worthing. While he was born in London, his family moved to the West Sussex town where he went on to attend high school and university.

Will the council house me if I am homeless?

Councils no longer have to offer homeless people a council or housing association home but can instead offer a property with a private landlord. To see if you are someone a local authority has a responsibility to house if they are homeless, please visit the Shelter website.

Is Worthing Beach Sandy?

If youre looking for a beach perfect for rockpooling, Worthing is just that. The gently sloping beach of sand and shingle means that at low tide, visitors can discover a whole host of creatures underneath the rocks.

Whats it like living in Hove?

Regularly included on lists of “best places to live”, Hove is a safe neighbourhood with great outdoor space and easy connections to London and the rest of the South East. The town is packed full of pubs, cafes and activities to satisfy every age group, even restaurants to tame the pickiest of toddler palates.

Why is Worthing called Worthing?

Mr Poulton-Smith said the name Worthing is a combination of a Saxon name and the Old English word inga. “Until sea-bathing became fashionable in the late 18th-century, Worthing had been a small fishing village, but by 1820 it had firmly established itself as a rival to Brighton.”

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