Question: What is Tunisian language?

What language is mostly spoken in Tunisia?

Arabic Arabic is the official language, and most natives speak a dialect of Tunisian Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic is taught in schools.

Do all Tunisians speak French?

The Berber language is still spoken today by some Tunisians, but they also speak Arabic as a second language .Languages of TunisiaOfficialArabicNationalTunisian ArabicMinorityBerber languagesForeignFrench, English1 more row

What is Tunisian Hello?

The Tunisian word for “Hi” or “Hello” is Aslema. While there are many other greetings in French or more formal Arabic, Aslema is a greeting unique to Tunisian Arabic, and it is the most common greeting that Tunisians share with each other.

How many languages does Tunisia speak?

What Languages Are Spoken In Tunisia?RankCategory Of LanguageLanguage1Official languagesLiterary Arabic2National languagesTunisian Arabic3Minority languagesBerber languages4Main foreign languagesFrench, English, Italian, Turkish1 more row

How do you dress in Tunisia?

You will see many Tunisians wearing traditional dress as well as many wearing western dress and up-to-date fashion clothing. When traveling to more traditional areas and holy sites, modest dress is recommended such as covering the shoulders for women and knee-length pants or dresses.

How do you say alot in Tunisian?

A little or a lot?/Shwaya, barsha.

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