Question: What is a Juggalo child?

Juggalos are by definition obsessive (theres no such thing, really, as a casual Juggalo, or someone who sort of likes ICP; youre either a super-fan or think theyre terrible) and its a natural human instinct to want to share the things that you love with the people closest to you, to infect them with your passions.

Are Juggalo bad?

According to the National Gang Intelligence Center, Juggalo gangs are a threat to the community because of their tendency for violence against law enforcement, innocent civilians, and other members of their group, and Juggalos in Colorado have become increasingly involved in violent crime, including aggravated assault

Can cerebral edema cause death?

A lack of oxygen in the brain can damage brain cells or cause them to die. Intracranial pressure (ICP) can affect specific regions of the brain or the whole brain depending on the underlying cause. Cerebral edema can cause irreversible damage and, in some cases, be fatal.

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