Question: Is Russia friendly to tourists?

In general, Russia is a safe country, especially if youre traveling as a tourist to large cities (such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, etc.) or if you are making the Trans-Siberian route. However, there are a number of risk areas in Russia, which is advisable not to travel to: The border with Ukraine.

Is Russia dangerous for tourists?

Do not travel to Russia due to terrorism, harassment by Russian government security officials, the embassys limited ability to assist U.S. citizens in Russia, and the arbitrary enforcement of local law. The North Caucasus, including Chechnya and Mount Elbrus, due to terrorism, kidnapping, and risk of civil unrest.

Why is Russia not a good place to visit?

Rich in history and home to some of the kookiest architecture around, Russias capital has been voted the Worlds Worst Travel Destination by TripAdvisor users, who cite its unhelpful people, awful hotels and poor value for money.

Is it safe to walk in Moscow at night?

And the answer is…. 🙂 It is totally okay to walk round the city during the night time. Most of the cafes, pubs, restaurants, clubs that open at night are located in the central part of the city. So you dont even need to go anywhere. The best locations for night pictures are also located in the city center.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Russia?

Tap water in Russia is safe and meets the countrys sanitary standards, while the Russian consumer-rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor regularly tests tap water throughout the country and says its safe to drink. All water is purified via several filters including sand and carbon before chlorine is added.

Is crime high in Russia?

In 2017, Moscow also recorded the lowest crime rate in over a decade. At the beginning of the 20th century, Russia had a higher homicide rate – nearly ten per 100,000 people per year. In 2003, the homicide rate in Russia was among the highest in the world. However, by 2017, homicide rate in Russia had fallen by 75%.

What is the coldest month in Moscow?

January The coldest month in Moscow region is January, the average temperature at this time of year is -7,5 °C. We usually have one-two weeks of really cold weather when its below – 20 °C, but the rest of the time is pretty mild. The first snow usually falls in October-November and it stays until April.

Is Moscow safe for American tourists?

Generally speaking, Moscow today is safe as much as other cities in Europe, despite its problematic history with criminal activity in the 90s. However, if youre planning on traveling to Moscow, keep in mind that you should always keep your guard up and remain aware of your surroundings, just in case.

Can Russian citizens leave Russia?

Russian citizens must use their Russian passports when leaving or entering Russia, unless traveling to/from a country where the Russian internal ID is recognised as a valid travel document. The first version of passports issued in 1997 was handwritten.

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