Question: Where is Byron Bay in New South Wales?

Which part of NSW is Byron Bay?

Byron Bay (Minjungbal: Cavvanbah) is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia on Bundjalung Country. It is located 772 kilometres (480 mi) north of Sydney and 165 kilometres (103 mi) south of Brisbane.

Why is Byron Bay famous?

Byron Bay is a coastal town located on the far-north coast of NSW, Australia. Home to Australias most easterly point and the iconic Cape Byron lighthouse, the region is known for its spectacular beaches, unique shopping and dining experiences, world-class festivals, and vibrant community spirit.

Is Byron Bay closer to Sydney or Brisbane?

In fact Cape Byron is the most easterly point in Australia and is the first place in Australia to welcome the rising sun each day. Brisbane is 165km (102miles) or a 1hour 50 minute drive north. Sydney is 765km (473 miles) or 8 hour and 30 minute drive south. Gold Coast is 65km (40 miles) or a 48 minute drive north.

Is there a Byron Bay in Queensland?

With its lush rainforests, peaceful beaches, farmers markets and laid-back charm, this tranquil Queensland town is being billed as the new Byron. Like Byron Bay, Yeppoon in central Queensland is a haven of natural beauty and creative locals.

Are there sharks in Byron Bay?

A shark has been filmed just metres from surfers and the shore as it glides through the shallows in Byron Bay. The area between Byron Bay and Evans Head, particularly Ballina and Lennox Head, is known for hosting lots of big sharks.

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