Question: Why is Plebe Parent Weekend a special day at West Point?

What is plebe weekend at West Point?

This is the one weekend the Plebes have the post to themselves and their parents and friends. The upperclassmen are away and the work load has been lessened a bit accommodate this weekend. During this weekend you will be given the opportunity to visit several places that you will never again be given access to revisit.

What is plebe summer at West Point?

It is a year in which the first year cadets are challenged to learn and grow. The change begins on a physical and military level beginning with CBT - Cadet Basic Training and continues during the academic year as they are taught according to the Thayer Method - an entirely new way or learning for many of them.

What makes West Point Special?

So what makes West Point such a special place? West Point is more than a school; it is a tightly knit community. The officers and noncommissioned officers who serve as instructors at West Point share a special bond with the cadets.

How long are you a plebe at West Point?

47 months Plebe year is an exciting and challenging start of your journey at West Point, where you will develop into a leader of character over the course of 47 months of academic rigor, physical fitness, and military training.

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