Question: Are there any free dating phone chat lines?

Livelinks – Best 30 Minutes Free Chat Line 866-951-0726 On one hand, Livelinks is a perfect chatline dating option if youre looking for free chat lines in North America with—impressively enough—lots of active callers at any given time.

Can you still dial popcorn to get the time?

Is it worth the risk of having a bunch of errant misdialed calls? said Pacific Bell spokesman John Britton. Currently, anyone misdialing POPCORN (POPULAR, for instance, or even POPTART) still gets the time, as long as the 767 prefix is properly dialed.

Why is 555 fake?

555-2401. Narrator: The short answer is that most 555 numbers are not working numbers, so real people wont be harassed if diehard fans try to call them. 555 was an exchange combination that was not used very often in the American telephone system. You may get a wrong number, or no number at all.

Does the speaking clock still exist 2020?

Everyone used to know the number for the speaking clock, its 123, but today few young people will even know it exists. But the service – known as Talkline – still gets more than 30 million calls a year despite the rush to embrace new technology, with demand peaking on four timesensitive days.

Do party lines still exist?

This distinctive ring would alert all parties on the line who the call was for. USA Today reported in 2000 that over 5,000 party lines still existed in the United States, but the majority of them were only connected to one telephone, and therefore appeared like individual telephone service at cheaper rates.

What is an example of a chat room?

Chat rooms are Web sites or programs that allow people to send text messages to one another in real time. Some examples of chat rooms are Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Web sites such as Talk City (

Is chat gravel poisonous?

Although poisonous, chat can be used to improve traction on snow-covered roads; as gravel; and as construction aggregate, principally for railroad ballast, highway construction, and concrete production.

What is the difference between chat and gravel?

Chat is a term for fragments of siliceous rock. In the process of mining and screening fine washed sand, a course grained small gravel remains. This “small gravel” product larger than sand but smaller than pea gravel is created.

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