Question: Is pin flirt any good?

Fake Scam stay away. This sites uses fem bots & real girls being paid to lead you on. They keep you chatting which costs you expensive coins. They use language that does not seem right for english girls & if you question anything they cut you off.

Is pin flirt a con?

This is a scam site that makes you buy coins. They donot have BOTS but they have employees working for them who keep you engaged in a conversation and you keep buying coins in order to talk to them.

Is the Flirt app legit?

The short answer – yes, most users will really enjoy The long answer – has a lot of great features and is easy to use. However, users looking for a free online dating experience will find to be very limited. As a paid site, is a great option.

Is pin flirting free?

Free to sign up, you can get started in no time after filling in a short registration form. Once you sign up, however, Pin-flirt online dating requires members to purchase “coins” to send messages to other members. Some may prefer this pricing structure to the common subscription-based online dating service.

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