Question: How do people in Argentina say hello?

When greeting for the first time or in a formal setting, Argentines generally shake hands and give a slight nod to show respect. The abrazo is the most common greeting among friends and family. This consists of a handshake and an embrace. Direct eye contact is common when greeting people, particularly among men.

How do you say hello in Argentina?

Saying HelloHello: HolaHow are you?: Como estas?Hows it going?: Como va?Good morning: Buenos dias or Buen diaGood afternoon: Buenas tardesGood evening: Buenas nochesGoodbye: ChauMar 13, 2018

What does Dale mean in Argentina?

OK Dale. Dale is a very commonly used word here in Argentina. Like the Spanish word vale, it basically means OK. It is often used to agree with someone, and is a good word to use if you want to show someone that youve understood something.

What is Argentinas country nickname?

la Argentina Then on October 8, 1860, President Santiago Derqui decreed the official name to be Rep├║blica Argentina. In common speech, the country is referred to as la Argentina (the Argentine) in Spanish, bypassing the noun in any of the above expressions (the Argentine [land], the Argentine [Republic], etc.).

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